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The Five C’s of Health Insurance

1. Competent Guidance

Today’s health insurance industry is a confusing hodgepodge of competing companies, plans, policies, and exclusions. You almost need multiple degrees in medicine, law, and business just to decipher a basic health care insurance policy. That’s where Deborah Reyes Insurance Services, Inc. comes in. We are experts in understanding, comparing, and recommending health insurance policies that fit a family’s unique needs. Here are some of the things we keep in mind as we sift through the health insurance plans for you

2. Costliness

Many people are overpaying for health insurance, and others are underpaying for what they really need. The goal is to strike the perfect balance between affordability and benefits. If you pay for more than you need, you might not be able to keep up with the premiums, putting your family at financial risk. However, if you pay too little you might miss out on benefits that would help your family avert financial disaster in the event of a serious injury or illness. Reyes Health Insurance will find the perfect mixture of care and cost to protect your family and your budget.

3. Continuity

Changing health insurance providers or health insurance policies does not mean you have to change doctors. There are many benefits to remaining with a doctor or group you are familiar with—and is familiar with you. If continuity of care is a priority for you, the experts at Deborah Reyes Insurance Services, Inc.  will search for health insurance options that allow you to stay in the care of the healthcare professionals you know and trust.

4. Common Conditions

Federal law is being revamped but California law still allows health insurance providers to establish waiting periods prior to covering medical costs resulting from certain medical conditions that existed at the time of enrollment, known as “preexisting conditions.” In rare cases, the health insurance provider will refuse to cover the applicant altogether. If you or someone in your family has a chronic disease or other medical condition, do not assume coverage will be delayed or denied! The health insurance professionals at Deborah Reyes Insurance Services, Inc. are well versed in the coverage exclusions of the various health insurance providers. All companies do not handle preexisting conditions the same way, so we can lead you to health insurance policies with the shortest waiting periods. We might even find a way to avoid waiting periods entirely by enrolling in a qualified group healthcare insurance plan.

5. Coverage of Prescriptions

When Deborah Reyes Insurance Services, Inc. delivers a health insurance quote, we look beyond the monthly premium amount to accurately determine the true cost of a health insurance policy. For example, if you take prescription drugs, we carefully review a plan’s coverage of prescription medications. At the same time, if no one to be covered under the policy is currently taking prescription drugs, we can focus in on premiums and deductibles alone. This is what we mean by tailoring coverage to your situation. Prescription medication costs can be high, and coverage is vital if you are taking them. But because they are high, you can save money by going to a plan with a higher co-pay for medications if no one in your family is taking them right now.